Latest Release

Version 9+ Software

We recently wrote to our clients and asked them what they would like to see in the way of changes and improvements to our popular database program. We’ve received an excellent response to this request. We’d like to thank those who took to time to respond.

Our programmers have been through these responses in detail, and we are happy to say that we can incorporate most of them into the next release of the database software, which will be known as Versions 9+ as they are enhanced (now compatible with Windows 8 both 32 and 64 bit). This is a major upgrade which  has taken a considerable amount of programming time to complete, more in fact than the original design and the previous two upgrades put together!

We’ve prepared a summary of the changes for your information.

New Improvements

Hong Kong form now included with barrier trials

Speed Maps for Aus and Hk racing which is customisable and available for use on acceptances, weights and nominations

Capability to store and replay your videos of the races while you are doing the form for any race or meeting

Form available on weights and noms.

New Comments System (Comments available for all TAB meets, for those who don’t have the time)

Subsequent winners – use the database to systematically check how strong any given race is, by seeing how many winners/placegetters have come from the race

A new comments system will be available
– record comments about a specific run for a particular horse, the same as today
– record comments about a race
– record general comments about a horse, not linked to a specific run
These comments can be entered, viewed and changed from a variety of different screens with the click of a mouse

New Big Report
Includes Days since last run, Dow or week, 1st Up and 2nd Up form, Barrier Number, Positions in Running, Today’s BN, Average Track Time Variation, Pre-Post Market

Barrier Trials
A facility will be introduced which will allow you to include Barrier Trials in the previous form of the horse. For this to work, you’ll need to subscribe to our Barrier Trial download service. All such data downloaded from will be kept on your computer and made available to the Previous Runs screen, new Big Report, etc.

The popular Supertune program from the old DOS version of the database program, is updated and included in the Windows version 9+ for the first time, giving you he opportunity to manually change certain data such as weight ratings for a particular run which you feel deserves a different rating to the standard calculated value.

KwikPik “Previous”
Calculate KwikPik ratings AFTER the race has been won, and compare the actual results with the KwikPik calculations.

Pre-Post Market
The daily files will soon contain Pre-Post Market prices for most

Betting Fluctuations
Betting fluctuations will be included in the updates for all tab meetings where available

Jockey Statistics On The Fly
Jockey statistics will be available on the fly from various screens, based on your choice of number or rides or period of time.

Function Keys
Function keys will be assigned to some of the more frequently used functions as a quick alternative to the mouse.

Print Jockey Tables
You’ll now be able to print off the results of your Jockey Table queries.

User Defined Age Improvement Scale
Don’t agree with the standard age improvement scale? Then create your own and use that in all the KwikPik calculations.

Chart Report
The Chart Report will be extended to include Barrier Numbers.

KwikPik Changes
– select your own base run (manual option only)
– show last 5 ratings for each horse
– extra Stat calculations including 1st and 2nd up, plus Win and Place % for last 12 months for currently calculated items such as Track, Distance, Career, etc. – many of these will appear as columns on the Field screen, in the Stats window, and also on the top of the Previous Runs
– add some extra columns in Fields screen, which you can size and move to suit your needs before printing screen as above – useful for making notes on your printout when you’re at the track
– the stable that the horse currently trains on will be shown on the Fields screen
– sort the Barrier Numbers each way
– a new column to show the calculation of the rating required for each horse to win today’s race
– change the system so you can set the Track Condition for today’s races for the whole meeting instead of each race
– show Today’s race class figure on Field screen
– show WON margin as a negative beaten margin value
– add extra columns for columns for Wides, Checks, Starts so you can enter values for these occurrences
– add extra columns to allow you to comment upon Bias and · show prize money earned at top of Previous Runs screen
– emergency runners will appear Scratched by default, which you can change if any of these
– you can set the criteria for API (average prize money) calculation, by setting such parameters as number of starts, period, distance, etc
– Subsequent runs will now be summarised in the column heading, if you have selected this option from the Configuration Options screen
– Set your own number of days for Spells and Letups when they are displayed on the Previous Runs screen (does not affect Auto calculation of KwikPik ratings)
– the Fields and Races fields will display the class figure for Today’s race
– move and relocate the columns onscreen to where you like to see them and lock them in so they stay that way

Existing Features

Fully integrated system of disseminating between Australian, New Zealand and Hong Kong horses.

Data fully error corrected to the .05 level using a host of our own checks and normalisations after we get it from our data source, before you update it. Eg you can carry out the most extensive jockey queries with confidence, knowing the jockey isn’t spelt six different ways in the database. The pre-race jockeys also match the past data in the database.

Fully automatic updating procedure after download

Rate races retrospectively – drill down into the form with unlimited amount of cross checks between form lines. See how many winners came out of each race

Download via our bulletin boards in the office or over the internet

All positions in running for city meets, including provincials and more obscure TAB meets such as Bathurst, Wellington, Sunshine Coast, Port Lincoln etc

Database now in excess of 5 million records…..the biggest of its’ kind available to our knowledge.

On line programmer available for customisations.

Superior querymaker program allows you to enter in a host of variables and “and or” statements to carry out the most elaborate queries of the past data.

Make up your own form guides and chart reports for any race or meeting.

Enter your own comments and keep your own list of “black bookers”, and be alerted when the ones you have flagged next race.

All fields and jockeys supplied pre-race, including New Zealand fields and Hong Kong and jockeys.

Data sits in .DBF format enabling easy export to Excel, Access etc. You can use our lightning fast indexes or open the databases according to your own. FEATURES

In case you are not already convinced that Southcoast Database is the biggest, most powerful, easily customisable solution for all your horse racing data needs, we have compiled just some of the features you can look forward to when you join the equine elite who already benefit from our services. Get the edge over fellow punters, take out a subscription

FIRSTLY Southcoast Database is set up to be as advantageous for the novice racegoer as well as the full time professional. The database is updated (kept up-to-date) twice weekly or on a daily basis for those who require updates more often, via our internet download service. We supply all fields (two working days in advance) and all jockeys (two days in advance and updated again one day in advance) for all TAB meetings contested in Australia (and also all New Zealand and Hong Kong fields and jockeys). Non TAB meets are also available on request. This means you have nothing to key in at all! What a delight Southcoast Database is for people who have been keying data in to maintain their own databases over the years………… this life sentence is now history.

MANY MEMBERS REQUIRE SPECIAL PROGRAMMING to suit their own specific needs. We have a full time programmer on-line here at Southcoast to carry all those personal customisations that you may require. Southcoast Database sits in a DBF format and can also be manually manipulated outside the main program by those who wish to do so. Our software is written in arguably the fastest and most economical database engine available-Microsoft Fox Pro. We also provide friendly and courteous telephone support at all times.

SOUTHCOAST DATABASE is designed for those who like to add their own comments from video studies, keep a black book diary and be alerted when these horses are entered for upcoming races,and also create and update jockey queries for individual jockeys or the top 5, 10, 20, 30 etc jockeys for any state sorted by metropolitan or country tracks. Positions in running are supplied for all city meetings, Victorian and SA provincial meetings, most other provincials and TAB meets, and Perth races. The software is extremely user friendly and modern-using browse window and drop- down menu technology which is just as easy to use with or without a mouse.

Our Unprecendented KWIKPIK program can  easily sum up the best weighted chances in a race for you automatically- or, you can make your own adjustments and penalties whilst looking at each horses form yourself. The classes and class figures are set out in a neat database pool can be easily modified to suit your own taste – you may like to use your own classes and class figures you currently keep. The changeover is easy.

ON SUBSCRIPTION, your back data is sent out via a DVD and is loaded onto your hard disk using an automated install program. Or, we can log in to your computer using Teamviewer and do it all for you so you get going with haste.We provide all the software you need to get up and running.

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