A UNIQUE FEATURE of Southcoast Database for Australian Horse Racing Results (and also our New Zealand and Hong Kong horse racing results database) is to be able to access our data using your own software. Whilst we have programmers working on customising our product, within our own proprietary software, we offer for a small extra fee to access our raw horse racing data directly – that is, you can apply your own algorithms, carry on your own data modeling and have your own routines to apply a host of tests and filters across our vast database.



The database is constantly being error corrected. We have our own error traps, to identify repetitive errors that consistently come through from the racing clubs. However, data correction of horse racing data has to exist for many other reasons. Times, classes, jockey names among other things are update being verified, and corrected.

Horses are also renamed with monotonous regularity and often these renames affect records that are two, three, and four years old in the database. And in many cases, these corrections extend much further back in the data set, once they are identified.

THE RAW DATA ACCESS clients reap the benefit of this ongoing correction process (as do our regular proprietary clients), as we instruct how to prepare your data set through the “back end” in a way that preserves our unique correction process to ensure have the latest and most up-to-date in terms of accuracy.

HORSE RACING DATA ACCESS in our product allows you or your developer to lock into our vast horse racing results database for AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, and HONG KONG for all your data modeling, testing, and data warehousing.

UNDERTAKE YOUR HORSE RACING DATA MODELLING with Southcoast Database – repeat your modelling, queries, and algorithms over and over accessing the largest available horse racing data set in Australia and New Zealand.

SOUTHCOAST DATABASE is a time-honoured and respected provider of AUSTRALIAN HORSE RACING DATA – also New Zealand and Hong Kong. Having been in business since 1981 – Southcoast was a pioneer in horse racing data provision in the eighties, prior to the explosion of computers, sending out weekly charts and horse performance ratings via mail each week.

SOUTHCOAST HORSE RACING DATA BASE is also used by many institutions which need a huge dataset for the purpose of research.

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