In case you are not already convinced that the South coast Database is the biggest, most powerful, easily customizable solution for all your horse racing needs, we have compiled just some of the features you can look forward to when you join the equine elite who already benefit from our services. Get the edge over fellow punters, take out a subscription today.

FIRSTLY Southcoast Database is set up to be as advantageous for the novice racegoer as well as the full-time professional. The database is updated (kept up-to-date) twice weekly or on a daily basis for those who require updates more often, via our internet download service. We supply all fields (two working days in advance) and all jockeys (two days in advance and updated again one day in advance) for all TAB meetings contested in Australia (and also all New Zealand and Hong Kong fields and jockeys).

Non TAB meets are also available on request. This means you have nothing to key in at all! What a delight Southcoast Database is for people who have been keying data in to maintain their own databases over the years………… this life sentence is now history.

MANY MEMBERS REQUIRE SPECIAL PROGRAMMING to suit their own specific needs. We have a full-time programmer online here at Southcoast to carry all those personal customizations that you may require. Southcoast Database sits in a DBF format and can also be manually manipulated outside the main program by those who wish to do so. Our software is written in arguably the fastest and most economical database engine available-Microsoft Fox Pro. We also provide friendly and courteous telephone support at all times.

SOUTHCOAST DATABASE is designed for those who like to add their own comments from video studies, keep a black book diary, and be alerted when these horses are entered for upcoming races. And also who creates and updates jockey queries for individual jockeys or the top 5, 10, 20, 30, etc jockeys for any state sorted by metropolitan or country tracks.

Positions in running are supplied for all city meetings, Victorian and SA provincial meetings, most other provincials and TAB meets, and Perth races. The software is extremely user-friendly and modern-using browse window and drop-down menu technology which is just as easy to use with or without a mouse.

OUR UNPRECEDENTED KWIKPIK program can easily sum up the best-weighted chances in a race for you automatically. Or you can make your own adjustments and penalties whilst looking at each horse’s form yourself. The classes and class figures are set out in a neat database pool that can be easily modified to suit your own taste. You may like to use your own classes and class figures you currently keep. The changeover is easy.

ON SUBSCRIPTION, your back data is sent out via a DVD and is loaded onto your hard disk using an automated install program. Or, we can log in to your computer using Teamviewer and do it all for you so you get going with haste. We provide all the software you need to get up and running.

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