When purchasing our product, you are purchasing a historical horse race database with millions of race results, records, ongoing updates of the data, and accompanying software which has been designed to perform many tasks to manipulate, sort and output the data. The way in which the software does this has been the result of an exhaustive study of what subscribers would like the software to do. Once all this data is copied to your hard disk it cannot be returned.

You must understand prior to purchasing that the software will not always do exactly what you want it to do other than as described in our promotional material.

We have a programmer whose services we offer to our subscribers at a very reasonable rate to customize or change the workings of the software to suit their needs. The list of compliments in respect of our programming services over the years is quite remarkable.

If you have a specific requirement or purpose of the product that might not be clear to you from our advertising and website postings, it is very important that you document these questions/requirements IN WRITING BEFORE you purchase and that you RECEIVE a WRITTEN response from one our staff BEFORE YOU PURCHASE.

Given that the workings, the number crunching and sorting of the data, and the complex nature of the database and its multiple fields, it is imperative that any special requests or purposes you might have been spelled out clearly in WRITING BEFORE YOU PURCHASE.

Otherwise, you accept the software product and the existing and ongoing data purchase as is in good order. That is, with all the options and features we have inbuilt to the product following an exhaustive analysis of our client base in respect of ideas, screen layouts, etc.

Accordingly, Southcoast Services Pty Ltd cannot be held responsible for the outcomes or stability of any queries or correlations the client carries on with the data supplied, using a third-party product such as Access, Excel, and the like. Such interrogation of the data cannot be supported as it will be limited to your expertise in the use of those languages.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission provides a clear jurisdiction for Business to Consumer transactions, providing implied warranties for the Business and obligations for the Consumer. They can be summarised as follows via these extracts from the ACCC guidelines: (refer to the ACCC website or your local Fair Trading Office for more details)

Services must be carried out with due care and skill and any materials supplied in connection with the services must be reasonably fit for the purpose for which they were supplied.

However, consumers have responsibilities too. They must make it clear to the service provider what they want to be done. If a consumer insists on having the service carried out in a particular way or with particular materials, the service provider cannot be held responsible if the result is unsatisfactory because the method or materials were unsuitable.

Please carefully read these guidelines to ensure a lasting harmonious Business to Consumer relationship between you the Consumer and Southcoast Services Pty Ltd.

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